video overview
Workflow Optimization

“Can you please add our PA Tim M. to the EasyNG™ app please. He LOVES IT!!!! So does Dr. S!! Thanks again.”

CR, Orthopedic Specialists

Clinical Documentation

“I am done at 4:30 with all my charting. Thank you EasyNG™ with Dragon®!”
Orthopedic Surgeon at ACS

Hospital Rounding and Charge Capture

“Awesome! I love it!! Billed 5 cases and that add-on in under 5 min…”
Orthopedic Surgeon at SAO

Custom Clinical Workflows

“I would not like to be without it now that I’ve been using it for a number of months, as I regard this as a significant adjunct to the use of NextGen® that make my quality of life substantially better”

General Surgeon at SWS